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“It’s hard to leave a man who took your virginity”- Siyacela’s fans reacted angrily to her statement

Siyacela Dlamuka and Thando Mathebula Dlamuka are one of the youngest married couples in South Africa, having only been married for a year. And through their television show, ‘isengcani le ngani,’ they have gained a following of admirers who have shown them nothing but affection. The words of Siyacela, on the other hand, have sparked outrage amongst the audience.

DStv channels 157 and 158 broadcast Isengcani Le Ngani, a popular television show. Young people are demonstrating their love in this show, with elders interceding to guide the young couple into a proper and healthy union.

Young people frequently make mistakes that are understandable given their inexperience and inexperienced state. Nonetheless, Siyacela recently said something that made viewers upset.

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Angry reactions followed Siyacela’s statement, according to which women cannot walk away from men who have violated their virginity. Despite the fact that they had no malicious intent, viewers took offense and took to social media to express themselves.

People agreed that Siyacela and other men should stop acting as if they have a right to women’s bodies and should stop acting entitled to them.

In addition, some people found it amusing as they shared their stories, claiming that whatever Siyacela was saying was untrue.