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It’s over for rapper AKA, company confirms

RAPPER, AKA is really experiencing a difficult year. His situation is getting from bad to worse and if he really does not change his behavior, it is going to be history for him. As the industry is battling to survive but now AKA has been dealt with another blow, another major lost.

It has been confirmed by Cake Media that indeed it is really over for Kiernan Forbes and nothing will change now. Any speculations have been closed, the road for him has ended, sadly it has ended in tears.

While Forbes had a chance to save it for him but he ruined it all with his behavior and approach. His lack of manners in handling the situations has landed him in this debacle now. It could not have came to this point but his attitude and behavior led it to be like this.

AKA is known for having a silly attitude and not wanting things done in the right way. He is the kind of person who has an attitude of it is either his way or highway, no other way round. If things are not done in his way, then they rather not be done at all.

This could have been the reason why he had a fall out with his fiancee Nellie Tembe. Before Nellie, AKA had just gotten back with the mother of his child, DJ Zinhle, after they split when he cheated on her with her best friend, Bonang Matheba. After they split for the second time, AKA dated Nellie and got engaged with her, only to lose her to death.

This year early, he lost his fiancee, Anele Tembe who died after they got engaged and he had recently paid lobola for her.

Nellie jumped off from the 10th floor of The Pepperclub hotel in Cape Town following a fallout between the two of them. Till today, the cause of their altercation is not understood but AKA did admit that they had squabbles and he decided to leave her and go to another room, only to return when she has thrown herself to the ground floor.

Besides music, AKA had been given a fabulous job last year to host a TV show on SABC 1 called, The BRAAI SHOW WITH AKA. However, with the ratings viewership and ratings so low. They announced that he will not be returning back as a host for the second season.

While he was aware that he was not making a return, he did not know who was going to replace him. The worse part, he owns 50 % of the show since he came up with the concept. When he learnt that it is Cassper Nyovest, his arch rival who will be taking over from him, he became furious.

In a statement issued by his lawyers, as he had taken the matter to them, it is revealed that he was not consulted and frankly he does not approve of Cassper as the host. He wanted to challenge that decision, unfortunately it backfired as it ended being him who loses all ties with the show.

The company that produces the show, Cake Media then confirmed that he will no longer be a producer or take part in anything pertaining the show. Their roads have now come to an end.