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Itu Khune’s wife goes MIA as in-laws prepare for Mapula’s funeral

Itumeleng Khune‘s life continues taking a downward spiral as his wife continues to throw tantrums even during his darkest times. After losing his sister in a house fire a few days back, the footballer’s wife Sphelele Makhunga refuses to put their marital woes aside.

The couple’s marriage has been in trouble since last year and it seem they will not be able to patch it up anytime soon. Khune’s performance in the field is currently dismal and this is due to Sphelele walking out on him just before a match.

Since they are still legally husband and wife, Khune‘s wife ignores her duties as a daughter in law and fails to pay her respects to Mapula.

“People close to her have tried talking to her but she has continued like it business as usual despite the fact the same family which is mourning has paid her lobola,” a close acquaintance reveals.

“I’ll not lie, Sphe doesn’t want to talk about it though in the past she said she was willing to work things but now it seems like all that has changed,” the source adds.

Mapula Khune’s death is now a murder case with a 17-year-old responsible for the whole ordeal. A fire breaks out in the Khune’s family home, consuming Mapula and leading to her horrific demise. The suspect who goes into custody last Friday appears at the Ventersdorp Children’s Court yesterday.