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Itumeleng Khune punches a Hater

Itumeleng Khune punches a Hater! Itumeleng Khune has to deal with more than his fair share of unwarranted hate and criticism on social media. Like the guy can’t catch a damn break in these streets, but this time he had a great clap back ready.

As usual, Itu was on Instagram minding his own business and posting about his happy life when a follower called him out for a spelling error.

The user poked fun at the soccer star for misspelling the word “apologies”.

This time Itu didn’t break his back trying to clap back. He just shared three emojis (bag of $ and a shrug) that left a pretty clear message.

A few weeks ago Itu’s bae, Sphelele, also took time out to let haters know she wasn’t fazed by their negative comments and constant trolling.

We are quietly watching them. They said ‘it won’t last, I am giving them six months”, but look at us now, married and expecting,” she said on her Instagram Stories.

Her comments came just hours after she told a follower she was not fazed by those who said her bae would soon dribble her.

“I didn’t and still don’t give a damn about what they had to say, Yaz! Busy bashing other people’s relationships kodwa no-one judges their sad relationships,” she wrote.

Looks like both Itu and Sphe have learnt the fine art of letting the haters feel their burn with class.