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Jackie Phamotse speaks about how blessers’ evil spirits are transferred to slay queens

Author and motivational speaker Jackie Phamotse took to Instagram live to speak about a range of topics affecting people especially young girls.

Having left her parents at a young age and experiencing ab_se and gang-r_ped when she was 17, Jackie Phamotse has seen it all and wants young women to learn from the problem she faced.

She spoke about how young women are made to associate with bad and evil spirits of their blessers by association.

“It is very clear that you are dating for money, and they know you are dating for money. Because they have a surplus of money, they will make sure they take as much from you as possible,” Phamotse said.

“Young women, whether you sleep with a man with a condom or without a condom, that doesn’t make a difference because your sweat is with him, your spirit is with him, your presence is with him and you are in his environment.”

She also advised young women from visiting men’s house ad there are spirits associated with places. “For example, when we talk about environments, in people’s houses, from the gate, something is poured at the gate. By entering the place you have inherited some kind of umuthi (black magic). When you get into the house or the yard itself. There are things in that yard that have been planted that you don’t know. You inherit that. If somebody has died, and something was done to him, you inherit that and this is way before you have s_x,” Jackie said.

“In a lot of these big houses, there are a lot of rooms people don’t go into. There are spaces that are not occupied and you are not invited to. For example, if you go to a person who has a snake in the house. Its either they keep it in a locked room or a coffin. These coffins are usually in the backroom or a room that no one doesn’t enter,” she continued.