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Jacob Zuma Drops A Bombshell As He Threatens To Expose A Top Minister

As Wits students have been protesting and getting shot by rubber bullets in a plea for free education, Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande has called for calm and says that the government will yet again prioritize student’s funds.

However, not only did Nzimande call for calm but he has also pointed fingers in Zuma’s direction. According to sabc.com, Nzimande says that Zuma has caused problems for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme after he made a big announcement about students from disadvantaged backgrounds receiving free education.

He blames Zuma for initiating free education, and says his actions has undermined the Commission which was selected to determine if there were enough funds to support all disadvantaged students, and it found that there was not enough money. By singing free education, Blade says that Zuma undermined the Commission’s decision.

He further says that there are many more students who are now requiring funds from NSFAS, and there are not enough funds to cater for all applicants.

Whilst speaking to the ANC Women’s League, Zuma dropped a bombshell and made threats to expose Nzimande. According to the former president’s daughter Dudu-Zuma Sambudla, Jacob Zuma told the ANCWL that he is sending him to Nzimande to stop talking about him or else he will expose him and that will make Nzimande angry.

He added that he thought Nzimande was an ANC member which seems to not be the case because if he was he would know that free education was ANC’s policy, not his.

This left Mzansi in stitches, and Zuma’s supporters were happy and applauded him for always standing up for black South Africans. They added that Zuma is not one to mention people’s names, but today he had to just to put Nzimande in his place.