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Jacob Zuma Going to Reveal Who Killed Chris Hani Before He Goes to Jail?

The former president of the country has always been great friends with the late Chris Hani. They were part of the struggle together and fought through thick and thin, got exiled and arrested together, they were the two greatest freedom fighters of their time. Sadly Chris Hani got assassinated and he was devastated. Ever since the time of his killing, the former president has been very quiet about it, but will that silence be broken.

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Most people in the country have always assumed he knew who killed him and he was trying to keep the peace in the country by being quiet, but now because he is being arrested and no one seems to be protecting him, it is alleged that he might spill the beans. One of the things that got people talking about this case was the fact that the fay of Jacob Zuma’s sentence, Duduzani Zuma posted “Who killed Chris Hani” on his Twitter account.

Many questions filled South Africans minds when that one question came out. The former president is said to be preparing himself for a national address as himself. This will be the first time Jacob Zuma addresses South Africa as himself and not a member of the ANC or the president of South Africa. A big can of worms is about to be opened at this address, and South Africans might not be ready for it.

After this, the former president is likely to go and sever his 15-month prison sentence, but he will really shake South Africa when he actually does, as many are suspecting. It is said that he will reveal some dirt on the South African judiciary and the justice system, he has said before that it is very corrupt and he is trying to change it.

The address will take place on Sunday the 04th of July. This happens to be his last day of freedom as he has been given 5 days to hand himself over to the authorities and Sunday is his 5th day. The time of the address has not been released but the location will be in Durban and many media companies have been called to over the address. History will be made tomorrow.