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Job Mokgoro finally explains who wants him gone and why in a Sunday exclusive

All eyes in recent days have been on the beleaguered North West Premier Professor Job Mokgoro who says his removal is linked to the desire to loot state resources, which he has been blocking since 2018.

In an exclusive interview, Mokgoro told The Sunday Independent yesterday that there is a strong desire to loot in the province, and he has been interfering with that process, subsequently, pitting him against members of the Executive Committee.

“One of my objectives, when I came in during 2018, was to ensure that I block, especially in the main, those that have been enabling looting. Negativity started rising on them, especially members of the Executive Council (Exco). From 2019, they started to isolate me systematically. I have been running an Exco virtually without a cabinet,” he said.

Mokgoro added that it appeared there was an orchestrated ploy to undermine his leadership and set him up for failure, which had the backing of the Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) co-ordinator Hlomane Chauke.

He claimed Chauke tried to make his life difficult and micromanaged him, wanting to know the day-to-day running of his office.

“He had a penchant for micromanagement. He said I had to report to the party, really abusing party-state relations to a point where he started using that process for his benefit.

He also became negative towards me because of my approach to securing state resources. He would start saying the party wants this and that. In essence, he was promoting his objectives and desires,” Mokgoro said.

He added that Chauke went as far as accusing him of not understanding or respecting the party.

He said his stance on stopping the looters from looting had seen them angry and they want him gone.

The full interview is in the Sunday Independent.