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Jo’burg Mayor’s Last Words To Cyril Before He DIED?

Matongo sadly lost his life when a car he was travelling in was involved in an accident, although his two VIP protectors survived the crash, his own life could not be spared.

Although Ramaphosa has been losing close ANC allies in recent times, Matongo’s death most certainly affected him greatly, for the mere fact that he had been in close contact with him on the ANC’s campaign trail in Soweto.

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The President took to twitter to express his deepest feelings about Matongo’s death, stating that the unforseable tragedy is unfathomably incomprehensible.

“It is absolutely hard to comprehend this tragedy, given the vitality and passion with which Mayor Matongo interacted with me and residents of Soweto so shortly before his death,” Ramaphosa wrote on his official twitter account late on Saturday.

Ramaphosa’s aide and head of digital and communications in the Presidency, Athi Geleba who was also with the two gentlemen, stated that Matongo’s last significant message for her was regarding the electricity issues affecting residents of Soweto.

She indicated that the newly-appointed Mayor requested that she takes a footage of an area that needed urgent attention which Matongo intended to send through to Eskom for immediate action.

“My Chief of Staff. Such a shining star today. So bright in yellow. So present. So passionate. So engaged with solving people’s problems. – “Athi, send me all that footage, Eskom must see this for themselves,” Matongo said to her.

Regrettably, she indicated that she had wanted to tell him how “bright and beautiful the ANC colours looked on him”, but she did and will never have the opportunity to do so.