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Joburg mugging goes wrong: Victim takes out a gun on Hillbrow thugs

It takes courage to walk around the streets of Hillbrow and it needs a leap of faith to confront the ever marauding robbers roaming down the streets. An identified man has seen himself trending after he defied all odds and stood toe to toe with some robbers in Hillbrow.

In South Africa and the world at large Hillbrow is not one of the safest places to be. In a clip making rounds, a robber was shocked when his alleged victim unexpectedly pulled out a gun and dared him to come anywhere close to him. This was a failed attempt at robbery and the twist of events left the whole gang puzzled.

Of late Hillbrow has been marred with thugs terrorizing people in day broad light. The robber is believed to be from one of the marauding gangs who are well known for pouncing on people robbing them of their items.

In the short viral clip, the robber can be seen trying to get hold of his victim who walks past the gang. The gang closely follows the victim up until he did the unthinkable. The robber is seen backtracking and heads back to the pack.

The video has been making rounds on social media and was hared by award-winning artist Daniel Marven on his Twitter handle. Here are some of the comments that flooded the comment section.

“He should have finished him. Tomorrow they going to rob someone. I was going to shoot him on the foot and leave.”
“Heee hai such people make life hard though. He took forever to take out his gun… He would’ve caught a bullet and died if he was in the Cape Flats war zone”
“By looks of things I think he’s also a resident he just got fed up to be rob every day.”
“So entlek lamaphara they just drink alcohol and rob people then buy more booze……drinking on the job”