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Johan Rupert hidden secrets of owning almost everything in South Africa exposed

The ANC hates Blacks with passion that it justifies the destruction of food confiscated from poor blacks but gave over half a billion rand to Johann Rupert to build Mall of Africa in 2016. Of which Rupert resold his offices at Mall of Africa to Government for R1.7 Billion in 2021.

Govt paid R1.7bn to get leasehold rights from Atterbury’s Waterfall offices despite having gave R550m to Atterbury to develop those Offices. Rupert owns RMB which has a 25% stake at Atterbury. Some desperately believe Rupert is not a product of Tenders and is still not even now.

Everything you do Johann Rupert makes a profit from it. The alarm that wakes you up in the morning. The toothpaste you use, Whatever meal you’re having for breakfast. When you switch on the TV, When you drive to work, Then you work for him without even knowing.

They are saying that Zuma is the most corrupt person in the country but here we have one white man by the name of Johann Rupert who owns everything in the country, is this not a true state capture.

Johann Rupert is a definition of WMC. Again, President Zuma was spot-on. President Zuma is said to be the most corrupt politician in SA. Yet, he did zero business with SOEs. No shares in major companies. No billions.

“Johann Rupert” through his umbrella Remgro almost certainly own everything in this black dominated country. Ramaphosa is one person who knows this very well. We must not be fooled & deflecting as to where’s is the economic butter of this country. A pure WMC ANC still promote.

Johann Rupert real capturer now I get why there will be few black people who are billionaires in South Africa if there is 1 man who is entitled to control the whole economic sectors in a country.