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Jub Jub was right,” Mzansi drag Kelly Khumalo

Jub Jub was included in Kelly Khumalo’s remarks about Senzo Meyiwa, her deceased ex-lover.

A video clip of the singer discussing how Senzo’s fame came about as a result of their romance went viral on Monday.

“First of all, I was Kelly before Senzo. I did not know who Senzo was till a friend explained to me who he was. Nobody knew who Senzo was until he was attached to the brand Kelly Khumalo… I have nothing to gain, I’ve had nothing to gain” she said.

Kelly was in difficulty after the video because some viewers believed her assertions, which were deemed false, warranted her being fired.

Twitter users also stated that several of Jub’s criticisms about Kelly, like the singer’s use of charm, are accurate.

“Something really off about Kelly Khumalo, Jub Jub really tried to warn us and was canceled for it. The way she speaks of Senzo Meyiwa, the father of his kid who died in her arms, so cold mean and petty.. She must be investigated for her murder involvement!” a tweep wrote.