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“He Rap3d Me When I Was 17/18” – Jub Jub’s Cousin Reveals More

Minutes after Amanda Du Pont posted the video of herself exposing Jub Jub for abusing and mistreating her for 2 years, a lot of other women also shared their stories.

A young woman, who claimed to be Jub Jub’s cousin, finally got the courage to share her story.

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Bonokuhle Mtsweni posted a picture of herself, sitting along side Jub Jub, on Instagram and Twitter. She didn’t go into detail about what he did to her, but she left this cryptic caption, “ Amanda Du Pont, I think it’s time you check your DMs.”

She also posted the picture on her story and further added that he allegedly assaulted her when she was only 17/18.

Everyone immediately assumed that she was also one of his many victims. Women flooded her comments section with words of encouragement, while men called her an attention seeking liar.