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Julius Malema Calls Out For A Family Gathering Today, here is what to expect

The commander in chief and President of the Economic freedom fighters are organized to address the media tomorrow at; EFF press conference. The EFF headquarters got opened two days ago on the 11th of December 2020 ahead of the festival seasons.

The public would, however, appreciate the Julius Malema& Floyd Shivambu led communist organization to stress out certain developments and specific concerns; South Africans for over a month now they are suffering a panic attack following the ‘vaccination process’ in control of Covid-19, the latest stats reveal that about 13 105 new cases were recorded, over 40 000 number of people have recovered from Covid-19, and unfortunately 755 people succumbed their lives.

Be that it may, South African politics are diverse and democratically driven in the sense that the view of an opposite party matter, particularly the EFF.

The EFF is expected to give it’s position on the global vaccination, as an anti-imperialist and pan African organization it’s important that Julius Malema gives assurance on the guarantee of the proposed vaccine; Learners and students expect him, as the commander of Even the student command to unpack ‘what to expect’ along the 2021 academic year.

Make also speak unapologetically about workers’ rights and due to the maturity of the new wave of Covid-19, companies including SABC have commenced and others announce, the possibility for retrenching. The EFF is expected to assure the workers of their employment as always and pressurize the state president to prioritize citizens’ employment.

This will be the first time Julius Malema and the EFF hosts their media conference, During the holidays Malema was accused of being deliberately against Covid-19 rules&regulations by appearing on videos and pictures of him indulging drink and participating in an illegal gathering.

The media conference stages as follows;

Time: 12H00

Dates: 14 January 2020

Platform: Broadcast live on all social media platforms

NB: all journalists can send their questions through the EFF social media contact

Twitter: @EFFSouthAfrica

Instagram: @EFFSouthAfrica

YouTube: @ Economic_Freedom_Fighters

Facebook: @Economic_Freedom_Fighters