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Julius Malema Pour Out His Anger On Ramaphosa For Moving The Country To Level 1 Lockdown

Julius Malema is not indeed very pleased with president Cyril Ramaphosa, and he was swift to display it on Twitter. He is indirectly saying that the president didn’t consult other political parties, stakeholders, religious organizations, non-governmental organizations and civil society groups before taking this crucial decision. However, a South African countered Julius Malema’s stance, declaring that the president must have consulted them. “Scientists have said that we can expect our 3rd wave in April and Government decides to move us to level 1”.

Many people supported the president’s decision, citing that since a third wave of Coronavirus is being expected in South Africa, it is very important that the government and the people take precautionary measures for forestall dangerous outcomes in the near future., “Government alone can’t do it. We also have to take part and stop being reckless. By now everyone knows what they need to do to fight the virus”. Some declared that the level 1 lockdown is not a big deal, “some of us have been on Level 1 since lock down started… Come to mamelodi east you’ll see…levels CIC levels…”.

However, some people are very angry that the president, Cyril Ramaphosa moved the country to level1, asking what then is the essence of the vaccines that have allegedly cost the government several million dollars to purchase. Some people blatantly told the president that this lockdown level 1 will end in tears if care is not taken. Julius Malema had earlier told his followers that the president, Cyril Ramaphosa will likely move the country to level1, “You grew up in the ANC and you have friends like Mzwandile Masina and Tony Yengeni who feed you all the info of what is happening inside the ANC and government. Akothusi oku.”.

Someone said, “I suspect @MbalulaFikile give juju information about minute’s of COVID-19 before president announce it”. While another person declared, “You’ve got a very reliable source CIC indeed you led, I don’t regret casting my vote for the How does it feel to watch the president of the country addressing the country dear commander in chief?”… The recent address by the president, Cyril Ramaphosa have thrown many people into confusion, who had initially thought that the vaccine will bring great relief to the people. They were however surprised to hear that the lockdown continues, this time, under more severe levels 1