Home Politics Julius Malema takes President Ramaphosa head-on: “He Is Killing Us”

Julius Malema takes President Ramaphosa head-on: “He Is Killing Us”

Of late Julius Malema has been candid about his stance on the betterment of South Africa. No doubt he often let it known that he stands his ground. In the mix of things, Malema is trending after he took a swipe on President Ramaphosa.

As expected of him Malema weighed into the new lockdown regulations with a cryptic tweet that left Mzasi divided. The tweet which went viral flooded social media after President Cyril Ramaphosa had addressed South Africa with news of a new lockdown level.

In his controversial tweet, Malema accused Ramaphosa of trying to hypnotise South Africans by using former president Nelson Mandela’s name. The tweet naturally brought in an influx of comments from South Africans who shared their thoughts on the country’s current situation and politicians.

However, in his tweet, Malema accused Ramaphosa of using the name of Nelson Mandela to try and hypnotise South Africans. He also said that Ramaphosa is “killing” the country’s people. Malema tweeted:

Julius Sello Malema @Julius_S_Malema
When they want to hypnotise us, they use Mandela name. #RamaphosaIsKillingUs

The tweet left Mzansi divided. Mzansi didn’t take time before it weighed into the matter with two cents. However, it was reported that Pictures: EFF marches against Ramaphosa. Julius has always been an inspiration to most people. Most want to feel his time will come and he will rule South Africa. What most fear is if Julius has the qualities to make South Africa great?

Julius Malema is a leader who is very decisive. EFF is blessed to have him as CIC. However, it seems as if he is probably our generation’s most important political figure. Stratcom has been trying to bury him week in week out. Stratcom really thinks it will turn the masses against him.

This comes after the Minister of Health was placed on special leave by the President following cases of corruption. Here are some of the points raised by Malema:

South Africa continues its accelerated path into socioeconomic collapse under the leadership of both Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC

No other generation has witnessed so much death and sickness than our own. The pandemic is taking breadwinners, shutting down businesses, increasing unemployment and interrupting schooling.

The majority of the frontline workers, particularly those who were working under Level 5 Lockdown like the police, security guards, taxi and bus drivers, petrol attendants, retail workers and cleaners have not been vaccinated.

The desperation to only use Western produced vaccines to the exclusion of the Chinese and Russian vaccines have resulted in countless delays of purchases from J&J.

There is no reason to force contact learning because already there are rising infections amongst young people and children, which are disrupting schools. To ensure a fast move beyond the Third Wave, schools must be closed.