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Julius Malema tells elderly to stop lying by promising to vote for EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema lamented his party’s lack of support from the elderly who he said came to the EFF when they needed help only to turn their backs on his party at the voting booth.

The streets of Atteridgeville, in Pretoria, were a sea of red as EFF members from all over Gauteng went to listen to the Freedom Day message by Malema. Delivering the party’s Freedom Day message, Malema called on the elderly to stop lying by promising to vote for them and when they get to the voting booth they vote for ANC which he called “crooks”.

“I have seen elderly people who lie through their teeth. Whenever they need help they come to the EFF, but when they get to a ballot, they vote for the ANC,” said Malema.

“We stand for black people. We will help them so they can be liberated,” said Malema.

“There is no freedom in South Africa, there was just a change of seats. What kind of freedom without water, electricity, housing, proper roads, economy, health facilities, education, jobs, justice? What kind of revolution takes place in the land and the oppressor lose nothing, we have nothing to celebrate?

“What did we fight and die for? What did former president Nelson Mandela and others fought and died for? What type of freedom is this, what type of revolution is this? The revolution has taken place, yet, the oppressor lost nothing, they still own the land, economy and the environment. This freedom is not free, how can it be free without economic freedom? When you speak the truth, people say we are rude, vote for your lies, truth is revolution,” said Malema.

“Let’s die in the opposition benches with our truth. Truth must be told, our people are dying of poverty and hunger,” he said.

Malema said the EFF election volunteers were ready to take over the wards up for grabs at the local government elections.

“We are not saying apartheid was better, but it becomes more painful when it’s done by fellow black people that is what makes it more painful (a white person does not know our struggle, why do blacks do that, they know our struggles but they beat us up). We want our land, we are not requesting it belongs to us and we will get it,” said Malema.