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Julius Malema: We are here because of two stubborn old men

Economic Freedom Fighters president, Julius Malema says the country is in this mess because of two stubborn old men. According to Malema, both Justice Raymond Zondo and Jacob Zuma are to blame for whatever is going on in Nkandla. Malema says one would have expected the Constitutional Court ruling to be 15 months in prison suspended until Zuma appears before the Zondo Commission.

Malema says Zondo should have recused himself when the former president said that he was not going to say anything unless he (Zondo) doesn’t question him.

“For the sake of peace, unity and progress in our country, Zondo should have considered something like that,” Malema says. He says both men carried their egos instead of the interest of the country, hence there is this mess.

Malema added that president Cyril Ramaphosa and police minister should never think they will shoot people like they did in Marikana. “No one is going to lose life because of people who may want to exercise power. We will never allow that,” Malema added.

MKMVA national spokesperson and NEC member, Carl Niehaus, has arrived at the home of former President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla. The MKMVA is the one that deployed the MK soldiers currently stationed at the home. Niehaus says the country must reflect on the “shame” of trying to imprison a liberation icon (Zuma) while:-Wouter ‘Dr Death’ Basson walks free-FW de Klerk walks free.