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Julius Malema’s BIRTHDAY party went wrong, as people spotted a MISTAKE made by people in this house

Birthday parties hosted in South Africa caused a stir on the internet. One of the most iconic and popular politicians, was turning 40 years on the 2nd of March 2020. People were jubilant to celebrate and see Julius Malema and his colleagues isolating themselves and celebrating this special day.

Birthdays are very special, not everyone gets to see them, and it is important that they are celebrated with joy and laughter. The EFF leader is now an adult and people expect a lot from him. Being over 35 years means you are more responsible and you are no longer young. Image

It did not take long for South Africans to start questioning a lot of things that appear in this party. It is reasonable and understandable that these leaders are going to follow the Covid-19 regulations and only permit a certain amount of people to attend this function. Image

Parties are more fascinating when people gather in masses, and there are no restrictions. Due to the crisis faced across the world, people no longer get the same amusement and delight from parties. They are forced to comply with certain regulations and save lives in this manner.

Adaptation is very difficult, it is a transition that people need to take and some are not comfortable with. People still want to get back to the old ways of hosting parties and many events, without being told what to do. Unfortunately this is not achievable, as things changed a lot in this world. There will be time when things get back to normal and people need to have patience.

South Africa moved back to level 1 lock-down regulations. About 100 people are permitted to gather socially. Although there are simple regulations that need to be followed every time, such as wearing masks at all times when in public space. This is what has been heavily questioned about people who are in this house celebrating Malema’s birthday.

They are sitting on the same table, there is no social distancing of about 2 meters and this is totally unacceptable. Leaders should lead by example. For the fact that they are the members of the EFF, which is the opposition party to the ANC, does not mean they have to violate laws and regulations set out by the government and the ruling party.

These people can be seen shaking, holding hands and having a good time. A big recall should be made that Covid-19 still exists and people should never forget this. No one is wearing a mask in this room, and this should a serious concern to the nation.