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‘I will never put myself in your bed again,’ Junior tells Ntando Duma in papgeld battle

Former lovebirds Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka took to social media on Tuesday to air their dirty laundry, with Duma accusing the DJ of failing to support his daughter, while De Rocka accused her of lying. In a series of tweets, Duma said it was time she exposed the father of her child as she had endured enough and was tired of always protecting him and defending him against her loved ones.

“Not only has he failed his daughter and failed himself as a father but disappointed me cause I believed in him so much,” she claimed.

Duma accused De Rocka of failing to check up on his daughter when he was always available for for other kids and even provided for them. She said even though she did not want his money, she despised that he made it clear to her he just did not want to support his child.

The DJ visited schools on Monday to donate computers, stationery and cleaning equipment, among other things, but did not post pictures on social media. This act of kindness seems to be what riled Duma, as she claimed he always availed himself for children other than his own.

“All I ever needed from him was/is his presence in my child’s life. Not his love back or even money. I wanted my baby to grow up knowing who her father is and that honestly just it. I would even try and take her to visit her family that but the issue will be I now again out of all the things that I already do for the baby I have to pay for flights too for his own family to see her?! Angikho Dizzy. I stopped and it never happened again cause he’s also not willing to do it,” she claimed.

She tried addressing the issue with him and his family to no avail.

De Rocka defended himself against her claims, saying allegations that he did not support his child were “false, malicious and very hurtful” to him and his family.

He said he the issue started last year when he was served with court papers ordering him to maintain his child, which he claimed to have done without fail since then. He claimed to have paid more than R20,000 from September last year to last week, with R3,500 being his last payment five days ago.

“Sadly, sending money is the only thing I can do because I am not allowed to see my child. She’s winning this game of fabrication, but what about the baby? But what can I do, as men we are expected to bleed inside.”

He claimed Duma even sent him a message threatening to repay the money he paid for damages so she could change their child’s surname.

“The saddest part is that mina I protect the image of the mother of my child because I understand that she will always be a part of my life whether I like it or not we share a human being together.”

He further apologised for what he may have done, and begged her for a meeting to discuss the matter in private instead of “humiliating” him and his family.

“Nami nginamaphutha [I also have flaws] like every guy and I will always try to put myself in your shoes … But never in your bed again after all this act and humiliation. I respect you and I begging you – let’s meet and put aside our differences for the sake of our child.

“I will never ever address this in public because sasosobabili [it was just the two of us] when we made the baby and as much as it’s sour now – I can never spite you and pretend as if we’ve never been happy and in love.

“I’m available to meet and address this privately even in the presence of our families or whichever way you’re comfortable I am happy to meet with you halfway. Take care of yourself maka Sbahle and remember what we send to the universe will come back to us.”

Source: Citizen