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JUST IN: Khanyi Mbau dumped Mushonga after getting a 51-per cent stake of his businesses

No doubt Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai Mushonga are trending for the wrong reasons. This entire week, Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai Mushonga‘s relationship has been taking centre stage.

After he declared that she went missing, her fans, friends and family went into panic mode but she later announced that she was safe and had landed back in Johannesburg.

Speculations and assumptions were made by the public, with some saying Kudzai did something to Khanyi which caused her to ditch him in Dubai. Others sympathised with Kudzai saying Khanyi was taking advantage of him.

In recent years Mbau is best known for preying on rich men, she even indicated that with her it’s all about money and she goes for the highest bidder. In the mix of things could this be the case of Mushonga?

Are the two still together or it has ended in tears and in an epic way. When Kudzai Mushanga and Mbau relationship went public the two always served goals capped with celebrity bling.

However, Mzansi is now connecting the dots and it’s not looking good for Kudzai Mushonga. No lie if that was Mbau’s plan it worked out well. Mushonga recently sold out his exotic fleet of cars worth millions of dollars so that he can invest more. Rumour has it he almost sold everything and started a company in which Mbau has a 51 per cent share stake.

But the Zimbabwean millionaire went on Instagram Live to tell his side of the story and what exactly transpired between them. Kudzai Mushonga said he had promised Khanyi Mbau a life that is void of family members, and he referred to it as “we life.”

He said that he wanted to teach Khanyi how to make money and South Africa was limiting her. He referred to the country as “the dust.” He had plans of making them the King and Queen of Dubai and in doing so, started a company that made Khanyi the major shareholder. She came up with the name and had 51% of the shares, according to Mushonga.