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Kairo’s message to her dad

Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing precious moments between children and their parents. We’re in our feelings after seeing a video of Kairo sending the cutest message to her father, AKA.

The rapper was celebrated on Kaya FM on Friday, where he was also featured on the station’s #EliteFridayNights session. People, including industry peers like Kwesta and Yanga, were asked to share messages of congratulations to the Fela in Versace hitmaker.

“You’re one of the most consistent artists this industry has ever seen, not just hip-hop, just as an industry dude. And you’ve persistently just given good music. You’ve never compromised on the music and that’s something I’ve always appreciated about you,” said Kwesta in a video message to the rapper.

But one message the stole our hearts is Kairo’s. In a video posted on Kaya FM’s Twitter page, the three-year-old tells her dad how proud she is of him. “Daddy, I’m so proud of you. I love you.”

Check out the cute clip below.

Source: ZAlebs