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Kaizer Chiefs fans feel ATTACKED after seeing this

The two great rivalry clubs in South Africa, continue to spark tension in Mzansi, off the field. Orlando pirates and Kaizer Chiefs are well known clubs that have many followers in the country. Their meetup always brings enthusiasm and adds flavor to the game.

The Soweto derby is one of the biggest matches that no one wishes to miss. This is where you see talent and all players ensure that they do their best to gain favoritism and their spot in the team. There is nothing as good as impressing the fans and making them gain your trust.

Things went out of control on twitter, as one of the twitter users shared a picture that displays prices of different products sold in these shops. It is good to tag products with Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates logos, as this grabs attention of more customers, because of their popularity.

This is good marketing and the owner of this shop might be making reasonable profit out of this. This sparked tension on twitter, as people realized something wrong in this picture. The prices of Kaizer Chiefs products are much lower as compared to the prices of Orlando pirates products.

What is surprising is the fact that they all have the same product, and people believe that it has to do with favoritism of one team over the other. This brought out anger out of the Kaizer Chiefs fans, as they wanted to comprehend what might have aspired this to happen.

Despite people liking cheap materials, this is deep and some fans are not happy at all. This might be beneficial to the owner and those who can afford the less prices in this shop.

These school bags and cups continue to circulate on twitter, as fans retweets, share and comment under this post, showing their frustration and reactions towards this.