Home Sports Kaizer Chiefs Goalkeeper Ithumeleng Khune looks way older than he claims

Kaizer Chiefs Goalkeeper Ithumeleng Khune looks way older than he claims

Black Twitter definitely has no chill and one can easily get in trouble for the most trivial issue. Ithu Khune has been making headlines for his marriage and continues to dodge even more bullets from trolls. The Bafana Bafana Captain is put on blast for his age and he is in no way bothered by people’s opinions.

Taking to Twitter, Khune posts a picture with nothing but a drying towel accentuating his waist. It is his captions that leads to a twar in which he sees himself ducking hateful comments. “Should I get a new haircut or should I let my hair grow longer? #32,” Khune posts. Instead of giving him ideas for a new haircut, tweeps make a circus out of the footballer.

“You should think about retiring ngoba…wow!,” one tweep responds to which Khune replies, “Not anytime. Forget shame.” Why masses are concerned about the footballer’s age remains a mystery. All that matters is that he is a good player and a force worth reckoning.

Ithu Khune looks way older than he claims

Khune goes on to defend himself, “People age diffidently ,what is so hard to understand that?” Refusing to let sleeping dogs lie, another tweep comments, “I’ve got a colleague who attended school with Khune and he’s 43.” However, not everyone is concerned about the footballer’s age as long as he continues to keep a clean sheet. Even if he is lying about his age, he definitely isn’t the first footballer to alter his birth date. Khune’s dedicated fans finally come to the rescue:

Football is such an ungrateful career, you are good as your last game. Khune is one of the best goal keepers we ever had. Lately suffered from injuries which have tempered with his form and confidence. I hope you can make your way back to the team, you still have a lot to offer.