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Khanyi Mbau And Mandla – Baby Daddy Drama

Khanyi’s baby daddy was iconic for a while. Sadly, few know him today. Mandla Mthembu has been off the grid for many years now.

He is mostly known for his flashy lifestyle and expensive cars that attracted women to him including Dolly Matshabe who we know very little about, actress, entrepreneur and media personality Khanyi Mbau and dancer and media sensation Zodwa Wabuntu. Where ever did Mandla the multi-millionaire vanish to? Is he is still alive.

Of course. In fact, there was an active twitter account under his name until 2018. Reports say that he just went under after going broke. But what really happened to the Khanyi Mbau and Mandla Mthembu power couple?

Khanyi Mbau and Mandla’s wedding and relationship

The businessman was a whooping 30yrs older than Khanyi when they started dating. Nonetheless, Khanyi went on with it and they tied a knot in a traditional wedding in 2006.

The union was conducted by three times world boxing champion Masibulele Makepula alias Hawk. Khanyi Mbau and Mandla have a daughter who was born later that year in December. In pictures, they seemed very happy.

There is not much information about Mandla since he went broke. Khanyi openly admitted to being with him for his money. Who wouldn’t be attracted to a man able to rent a 6 million rand Melrose Arch Penthouse in Rosebank? Cruising in Ferraris and Porsches that he changes regularly? In fact, after separating, she confesses she never loved Mandla.

However, Khanyi continues to grace the limelight and has dated several men since their separation including Tebogo Lerole. The media personality is currently in a relationship with Kudzai Terrence Mushonga who comes from Zimbabwe.

Mandla Mthembu’s downfall

In 2007, Dolly exposed Mandla as being broke when he could not pay for a textbook for their daughter. In August 2008, it started becoming apparent that Mandla was having financial constraints after failing to pay for an R4 million Lamborghini that he had gotten for credit.

He had gotten two identical ones- one for himself and the other for Khanyi. Meanwhile, the Johannesburg family court had ordered Mandla’s arrest for failing to pay child support to his first wife for his two daughters. Khanyi stepped in and paid R16, 000 to Dolly since Mandla was in London at the time.

His financial woes became clear when he was thrown out of a hotel for being unable to pay R300 for accommodation. Consequently, his houses and cars were sold or repossessed.

Reason for Khanyi Mbau and Mandla separation

Khanyi Mbau and Mandla looked happy in pictures and their relationship seemed perfect until Khanyi confessed that Mandla was abusive and used to hit her when she was pregnant. She discloses this ordeal caused her depression for over two decades.

Mandla is said to have started a pattern of heavy drinking and got into huge debt. Moreover, Khanyi’s baby daddy had it coming when he lost all his assets. Khanyi openly admitted to being with him for his money. In fact, after separating, she confesses she never loved Mandla.

Khanyi continues to adorn the lime light appearing and starring in different shows including ‘Young, Famous and African’, ‘The Wife’ and more. Fans acknowledge her roles are irreplaceable.