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Khanyi Mbau has had enough!


Absolutely Nobody:

Khanyi Mbau:

Ladies and gentlemen, Khanyi Mbau is officially unhinged and to be perfectly honest, many of you were asking for it! The television personality took to the timeline this afternoon to put her haters firmly in their collective seats and she did so with the kind of bravado that only Khanyi herself can muster. We’re still in shock!

Okay let’s backtrack a little bit. Khanyi’s impassioned outburst was not entirely unprovoked. It began a few days ago when she shared a pair of images from a recent photoshoot where she posed alongside her flashy sports car, rocking a safar-inspired outfit. She titled it “Urban Safari” but people weren’t interested in the clothes; they were trying to get under her skin. Literally (well, sort of literally).

Khanyi’s haters couldn’t help but notice that she was looking paler than we’ve ever seen her (and let’s be honest, she’s been pretty light for a minute now). People made it a point to hop onto the timeline and talk about how the entertainer was now “lighter” than white people and the jokes/memes kept pouring in. It wasn’t pretty at all.

After being bullied repeatedly by Twitter Trolls, Khanyi Mbau decided that she had finally had enough and she hit back in true Mbauian fashion with a series of fiery tweets on social media. Simply put, our girl was tired of us bringing her down and she took a moment to remind us of who were dealing with:

The tweet at the very top of this post was the penultimate chapter of her rant but she couldn’t let us rest without delivering a final parting shot:

And let’s face it guys and girls, there is nothing we can say to this! You can’t bully the unbullyiable; you can’t tame the untameable, and you most certainly cannot tell Khanyi Mbau what to do with her money, her life and most certainly not her skin.

Love her or hate her, you cannot help but to stan this queen and her attitude towards her haters.

Is this the spiciest rant of 2019?

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