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Khanyi speaks out after making fun of Kudzai Mushonga

After making fun of Kudzai Mushonga at a groove where she was MCing, Khanyi Mbau has taken to Instagram to reveal that she will be returning to him. In not so many words, Khanyi promised to get back together with Kudzai, when she said she will be returning back from the salon.

Khanyi Mbau reminded everybody who she is and also spread a few words of wisdom along the way. Her series of posts start off by asking “What does Khanyi Mbau like…seeing those I love around me and beaming,” she said. She then told her fans that they too are Khanyi Mbau’s.

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Other slides read, “learn to laugh at yourself. Take all the lemons life throws at you and make a slushy and shluurp…Your blueprint is unique, there is only one you. So your experience as much as much as I can relate can only be yours! Be present! Feel!,” she said. “Now pick up the stones thrown at you and fix that foundation.”

A few hours later, she them directs her message at Kudzai Mushonga who she left broken and lonely in Dubai. “Try humiliate me, make me rich! Moral of the story every brick you throw I will build a mansion. Learn to laugh at yourself, lastly, be Khanyi Mbau, I know I am. I will come back from the salon,” she said.

Posting a picture of her and Kudzai all loved up, Khanyi said she does not hate Kudzai, in fact she never will, “now laugh, I am..We grow, we learn.”

The previous night, Khanyi made fun of Kudzai by advising women to leave their men in Dubai alone. She was the host at Mabopane Shisanyama when she was joined by her brother Lasizwe and they threw shade at Kudzai.

When the song Umsebenzi Wethu was playing, she said, “Shiya indoda eDubai. Uhambe ngathi uyabuya,” which translates to “leave that man alone in Dubai. Leave as if you’re coming back.”

This definitely left a bitter taste on people’s mouths because had the tables been turned around, Kudzai would be named all sorts of nasty names. Most people called Khanyi out for making fun of Kudzai who went on IG live and cried her a river.

Whilst Khanyi was busy dissing him, he was busy posting her on his IG stories saying he loves her and complimented her beauty.

Kudzai had apologised previously to Khanyi for airing their relationship woes out to the public. “I would like to apologise to my woman Mrs K for taking our private life on Instagram. I was hurting, I honestly didn’t know how to deal with my emotions, baby I love you,” he wrote.

They then talked things through via video call. “I am not ashamed to to stand on top of the world and admit I love you! You became my world, my everything,” he said. “I have reflected on all this! And it’s my fault, I caused this and I take full responsibility for it,” he apologised.