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Khaya Dladla opens up about his love life

Khaya Dladla’s role on Uzalo has made him one of the most celebrated actors on the small screen right now, however, having been in the industry for 10 years, the actor wants people to know that his character is totally different from his personality.

In a recent interview with DJ Fresh, Khaya Dladla opened up about how ”tough” being different was when he was growing up.

“I grew up as a working Kid, I was always working, and for my parents to take me to a ballet class was not because they thought I was a ballerina or a dancer, it was for them to just get me off, to get me out of their way because I was just extra, so that thing got out of the way when they discovered that this school doesn’t have clothes for boys, so I ended wearing the girls tights, I was the only darkie in the class and the only boy” he said

Khaya then went on to share that he had his mother to thank for how he handles his relationships as he doesn’t hesitate to walk away from failed relationships.

“I always ignore people, I walk away, my mother always told me to walk away…I walk away from friendships and sometimes even if I go through a breakup, I usually break up with people when I still really really love them but I was like: ‘this is gonna be toxic, it’s heading into the wrong direction, I walk away’ I don’t have enemies, if I do, I don’t know about them…”

Source: ZAlebs