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Kk found his phone : Is it the end for Mulalo and his wife ?

KK has truly changed for the way that he didn’t attempt to utilize the data he has about Mulalo and Teboho for his potential benefit, that is how losing Mudi dealt with him. He apologized from his malevolent ways and left all the extravagance he accomplished with the assistance of Amaboys at Johannesburg and went to Venda where he began being God’s worker .

KK saw the boss and his significant other covering Mphareni, fortunately he recorded them so he has solid proof since everybody is scrutinizing his mental stability. He went to the police to report the case just to discover he had lost his cell however didn’t know .

Fortunately Nesheshe began examining the central who doesn’t believe they were truly recorded them and at present thinks he has every one of his tracks covered while KK is occupied with looking for his cellphone whereabouts. He will discover it and run directly to the police since he can not deny what is recorded.