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KK Mulaudzi is back, the mad man Mulaudzi on #Muvhango

From Mr shinny suits to Mr rags and preacher.

Khakhathi Mulaudzi is back on our screens. It was not so long ago when the unthinkable happened, KK was exposed for gaining his wealth through the usage of Ana boys, a topic that has been trending for quite a long time in South Africa.

He left his son’s funeral as a mad man with no direction and for the first time is months, Mulaudzi is back!

Before I go any further, can we talk about MacDonald Ndou’s mad acting skills? The man knows how to deliver a character even through the vast changes his character goes through.

Muvhango was said to be getting their slots cut short due to a low rate of views but since the rumor the team has been bringing it in terms of the storyline.

From Imani and Marang’s madness to Mulalo and Teboho’s wicked ways. What more do you expect to see happen and do you think Muvhango is worth saving?