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Kwesta’s message to wife and daughter




As much as Kwesta has been praised for his raps, a lot of artists respect him for being a family man.

The rapper recently tied the knot with his wife Yolanda who he had been seeing for a rather long time. The two have a seven year old daughter together who the rapper refers to as his “pride and joy” in a recent Instagram post.

Apparently, the rappers wife and his daughter are fortunate to share the same birthday on the 13th of October. Kwesta shared a picture of his daughter and wife standing together with a rather sweet message to them wishing them a happy birthday and sharing the story of his daughters birth.

The rapper started by sharing about how

he took his wife on a date on her birthday seven years ago. During the date, his wifes water broke and at first he took it as though his wife had been stealing the spotlight from him on his perfectly planned date.

He then went on to say “I didn’t realise that you and God had been so selfless that you gave ME a gift on YOUR birthday in the form of my pride and joy, Khai… I get it now.. and I am forever grateful. If this is all I get to see(pic) for the rest of my life… I’m good. Happy birthday bantu bami.. I love you @yonessalvv@khai.vilakazi”.

– sahiphopmag



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