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KZN Millionaire, Mam’Mkhize Is Still Able To Live In The Same House With Her Ex-Husband & Here’s How

• Shauwn Mkhize who’s famously known as Mam’Khize is a successful businesswoman and multi-millionaire.

• She’s also a reality star as she had her own show called, KwaMam’Khize.

• She was once married to her now ex-husband, Sbu Mpisane and for some odd reason the two are still living together in the same house.

Shauwn Mkhize who’s also known as Mam’Khize is a successful businesswoman who hails all the way from KwaZulu-Natal which is KZN in short. The businesswoman was once married in her lifetime and she was married to her now ex-husband, Sbu Mpisane. Sbu Mpisane was a metro policeman before meeting Mam’Khize and together, the couple built and empire for themselves and their kids.

Things however didn’t work between the two and they ended up breaking up and calling it quits in their 20 years of marriage. They got divorced in 2019 but weirdly enough, Sbu Mpisane still lives in the same house as Mam’Khize. I know right like how are they able to do this since they are no longer together.

Well if you have ever seen Mam’Khize’s mega mansion which is called the La Lucia Mansion, they you’ll understand how the two are able to still live in the same house together. It appears that Mr Mpisane has his own wing in the house and Mam’Khize also has her own wing in the house.

Mam’Khize’s house is so huge that it could practically be an entire mall, so that’s how Sbu is able to get his own wing and Mam’Khize is also able to get her own wing in the house.

However, even though that the house is as big as it is, it seems like Mam’Khize is not happy that she has to share it with her ex-husband. This is because on her reality show, it was showed that she wanted to move a sign that read “Mpisane” on the gate of one of the wings of the house but, Sbu ended up stopping the whole thing from happening as that wing apparently belonged to him. So this therefore irritated Mam’Khize.

The incident didn’t sit very well with Mam’Khize that she was even thinking of selling the house as she could no longer enjoy using all of it. She was now restricted to certain areas in her own house. She had this discussion of selling the house and buying a new one so that she and her kids can move into with her son Andile but, Andile didn’t seem like he wanted to let go as yet. This is because he said that he would still think of the idea of moving but he’s not set and stone about it.

If Mam’Khize would actually sell her house, then she would get millions and millions of rands cause the property that the house is on was bought for millions of rands and then more millions of rands were spent to built and fully furnish the house. But since it seems like the Mpisane/Mkhize family still stays at the La Lucia Mansion, then that means they decided not to sell it after all.