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Philisiwe Chopped Into Pieces With A Grinder In front Of Her Kids By Her Husband

When they say men have turned into scary creatures which women no longer feel safe when they are with, they are talkong about this man from monsters and a coward of a man from KwaZulu-Natal, he Can only be describe that way after what he did to this poor defenseless woman.

Women live in fear, even when they are sleeping next to a man, they have to be looking over their shoulders watching to see if they are being attacked by the man they love, and Philisiwe was unfortunate because she was brutally m_rdered by the man she slept with every day.

According to Keep The Energy, a 46 year old woman from KwaMakhutha was chopped into pieces with an angle grinder by her own husband, and if you thought that was bad, imagine all this gruesome m_rder happening right Infront of the kids.

“Philisiwe Mvubu, a 46 year old woman from KwaMakhutha, KwaZulu-Natal, was m_rdered infront of her child by her husband this past weekend. Her husband, who has been arrested, cut her into pieces with an angle grinder, locked the house up and left her to die,” the publication reports.

Gender based vi_lance is one of the pandocs that South Africa is trying deal with, women and children get violated and murdered every second day in South Africa, they are subjected to gruesome killings and all sorts of abuse.

President Cyril Ramaphosa have have called on the justice system to make sure that they give the perpetraitors who get caught sentences that are fit and deserving to such men.