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Lady Zamar shows off her bod’

Lady Zamar’s career is on an upward trajectory. Although the musician has been in the entertainment industry for a couple of years, she recently reached superstardom level with the many hits she has put out.

Many a time, fans and critics have slammed the singer’s style and in a recent interview with YFM, she hit back with a valid response, “First of all, people need to stop dragging me for what I wear. Like, I am not going to dress the way you want me to. When it comes to performances, we will give them what they want. When it comes to public appearances, I will give you what you want. When I’m at home, doing my thing, it’s not your place,” she said in part.

Besides the negativity that sometimes surrounds her fashion, we have decided to highlight her fashion victories. Over the years, Lady Zamar has been known for pulling off mini dresses. Take a look at the many times she slayed mini dresses below:

We love this gold number.

Source: ZAlebs