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Lady Zamar takes a jab at Sjava?

Lady Zamar has BEEN dropping those Dr Phil pearls of wisdom and was in preach mode this week when she slid onto the TLs to warn about “private” relationships.

It has been a turbulent two weeks in SA with several reports of femicide making headlines and Lady Zamar took to social media on Monday to weigh in on signs of destructive relationships.

Just days after telling her followers that she would rather be single than in a relationship with a man who is cheating, the star took to Twitter to claim that if a man tells you to keep your relationship is secret and private, her advice is to run.

She jokes that she would “Taylor Swift your behind” if you did her dirty or treated her bad.

Fans thought she was subbing her alleged ex Sjava and filled the TLs with tweets about their relationship.

But sis made it clear that she was talking about a bigger issue of recognising the signs of abuse.

She also shared several scenarios of abuse.

“Our society is really facing serious issues. Somehow we gotta fix it. I’ve shared true factual scenarios, things and actions we often take for granted and when our friends tell us we do the whole, oh okay, instead of acting. Stop abuse before it starts. Recognize the signs,” she wrote.

Source: TimesLIVE