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Lasizwe Apologizes For His Homophobic post




Lasizwe recently came under fire for his post which was deemed offensive and derogatory against gay people.

As a gay person himself, Lasizwe soon realized his fault and rectified it with an apology.

He posted a picture with him in a weave earlier this week where he captioned it “If Sis’ Bhuti was a person.”

He had since deleted the post and shared a video of him apologizing with the words “I am sorry” as the caption.

“When I was posting that image I was making a joke, you know, like I always do. But I have offended some people with that post and I received a few calls about that post from especially my mentors, people that are older than me, who reached out to let me know that what I did was really not cool.

Such terms were used to make people feel really small, they were basically derogatory terms. I have been called ‘uSis Bhuti’ my whole life and till this day I still get called ‘uSis Bhuti’,” he said.

He explained the reason for his usage of that term and said it was to take away the power from people who use that term to belittle others. He reckons that people who hone that term and take that power away from bullies, they are going to give them (bullies) a hard time and they have to look for something else to belittle you by.

“I was not being malicious or trying to seek attention or anything like that. If it came across like that then I am really sorry. I’d like to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I love and appreciate every single one of you that supports me. I’m sorry and I love you guys,” he concluded his video.


He received a lot of flack for his picture and here are some of the comments:

Even Samkelo Ndlovu caught smoke when she said his caption “was not that deep.”

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