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Lasizwe Mourns Death Of His Mother




Oh man, reality TV star and YouTuber, Thulasizwe ‘Lasizwe’ Dambuza had most of his followers reaching for tissues.

The 21-year-old shared a very sweet and heartpiercing tribute to his late mother who died three years ago.

Lasizwe is a loud and boisterous character, so much so that one often forgets that he has swam through the darkest and deepest of oceans in his short life.

His tribute to his late mom could easily pierce even the coldest of hearts. A picture of Lasizwe’s late mother rests comfortably by his bedside, while two white candles remain lit.

White candles hold a very deep and sacred spiritual symbolism. Lasizwe’s burning of the white candles indicates that he was invoking various energies, including purity, healing and happiness.

”On this day 3 years ago, My mother passed on she left behind her two children myself and my sister. Today is definitely one of those days… To everyone who has lost a parent I know your pain!”

In one of the episodes of his hit reality TV show, Fake It Till You Make It, the sensational YouTuber travelled down to his mother’s hometown in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal.

Upon arriving at the said place, Lasizwe was not anticipating to find his mom’s childhood home in such a devastating state.

This scene, in particular, served as a curtain raiser to Lasizwe’s mostly veiled emotional side. At only 21, so much has befallen Lasizwe, but being a force that he is, rolling with life’s punches is what he does best!



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