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Lasizwe’s slay moments gone wrong. Trolls roast his manhood

The social media streets are toxic and one would wonder how a picture of Lasizwe in a stunning body suit and a perfectly laid lace front turns into a crucifixion. While other were drooling over the comedian’s slay game, others were zooming in his crotch.

Fortunately, Lasizwe is quite immune to hateful comments and he takes to Twitter to call out the perverts.

“I low key think all the men that are commenting about the whereabouts of my d*** on my post are low key gay! How do you zoom in and ask about another man’s d*** as a “straight” man? I find it very suspicious.”

His fans come to his emotional rescue, telling Lasizwe to ignore the trolls and focus on his glow.

Swire Nana dis is Twitter ask ur koko @somizi this is Twitter do not feel offended other wise u will block all of us bcs of the challenge

It seems masses are interested in Lasizwe‘s physical features as he once gets trolled for posting a picture showing off his small behind. “To everyone with a small ass, Don’t worry you are not alone,” he captions.

Lasizwe’s slay moments gone wrong. Trolls roast his manhood

The rainbow community is constantly under attack and Lasizwe is not prone to the violence. Recently MacG gets in trouble for making fun of the transgender people but it does not stop the bullying. Somizi is also one of the victims of these attacks and his husband Mohale is no stranger to the episodes.

Tweeps continue rallying behind Lasizwe and comment to his Tweet:

Don’t take them to the consideration low people will always be low even their mind think slow we know that kind of people are still in closet and wondering what people will say if they are gay they will never enjoy their life wna just enjoy your life swirie