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Last Night Episode Of NyanNyan Left Many People In Shook- Church Pastor Did This To His Fiancee

Nyan’ Nyan’ is an emotive reality show that airing on SABC 1 every Tuesdays and hosted by Ayanda Potwana. The focus of the show is on romantic relationships and the secrets that people keep from their significant partners. The participants of the show confess the truth to their partner because the show believes that the truth shall set them free.

Tonight episode was about the pastor by the name of Gabriel and his fiance Tshidi. Pastor Gabriel brought his fiancee to Nyan Nyan because he wanted to confess about his cheating scandals. The Pastor complained that his fiancee is not satisfying that’s why he decided to cheat. As the pastor was confessing to Tshidi even Tshidi confessed that she was dating another pastor who was her spiritual father while engaged to Gabriel.

Ayanda asked Tshidi why she doesn’t leave Gabriel and her answer was he is clever that’s why she is doing that. Tshidi’s Aunty was asked if she knows anything about the issue, she said that Gabriel told her that Tshidi sleeps wearing a Jean and Tshidi’s Aunty asked Tshidi why she does that, Tshidi said the Pastor is sleeping around and he once impregnated a lady and gave her the money for an abortion.

Many people were left in shock by Pastor Gabriel and Tshidi’s scandals. They both cheated on each other. Tshidi’s a pastor’s fiancé and cheated on him with another pastor. Ayanda even told them that their behavior is shocking doesn’t look like people who are Christians. What they are doing looks like people who met at the tavern.