Home Entertainment Last night’s Sh0cking Confession On #NyanNyan Leaves Mzansi In Disbelief

Last night’s Sh0cking Confession On #NyanNyan Leaves Mzansi In Disbelief

For a lot of people who are being unfaithful to their partners, they find it hard to confess and sometimes need a helping hand so they can have the guts to face their partners and tell the truth especially when lying haunts them. Some prefer bringing in elders whilst others confess through their friends or write a letter to their partners.

Others, however, prefer confessing on national television and they hope that the free councelling that they can get from the show’s producers will help mend their broken relationships.

Nyan Nyan is one of the shows where cheating partners go to confess to their partners that they have cheated. Tonight on Nyan Nyan, Dumisani confessed to his woman Mercy that he has been cheating on her and that he has a child with his ex-girlfriend. Not only that, he also revealed that he is HIV positive.

This left so many viewers angry, especially when he apologized then asked his girlfriend to marry him. Most viewers commented and say that Dumisani has guts to even ask Mercy to marry him after everything that he put her through.

Mercy even miscarried their child. Mercy decided that the relationship was no longer worth it. She then refused to marry him and dumped him on the spot.

It is quite sad what many women and men that are cheated on go through. Some have endured the greatest pain on the hands of those who came into their lives claiming to love them. One can only hope that the victims will eventually find healing and be able to move on from the pain.