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Latest Research Reveals Why Most People Have S3X With Their Exes

ACCORDING to recent research, 47% of men confessed to having sx with their exes while 43% of women confessed to doing it.

Many people have had sx with their ex on at least one occasion.

When a sx expert from the Daily Mail asked people why they went back to having sx with their ex-partners even if the break-up was painful, many blamed alcohol.

Here are the reasons why people have sx with their ex:

1. The connection is already there – exes remember each other on a much deeper level, so it is better to go for an ex than a total stranger. Many exes still care for each other and sx is much more pleasurable with someone you care about.

2. Chances of them saying yes are high – it is much easier asking someone you know than someone you don’t know and it’s also not as dangerous as meeting someone new on a dating site.

3. You know their orgasm triggers – if you have been with someone for some time, surely you know what they like in bed and what they don’t, so you are likely to satisfy each other sxually.

4. Sometimes to move forward, you need to go back – if your thoughts of your ex are stopping you from moving on, perhaps that one last time will put things into perspective for you.