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Latest Update: It’s A Double Blow For Rapper AKA, He Did Not Just Lose His Girlfriend

This is just sad and it just goes to show how hard life has been recently, everything is just upside down at this point. As you might have already heard, AKA’s fiancée NelliTembe died this morning around 7.45am and it is alleged that she committed su_icide. we are still waiting to hear the exact details as far as the story is concerned.

AKA and Tembe were at the Pepperclub Hotel in central Cape Town, there was an announcement that the rapper would be performing at a Bar and Grill event in Ayepyep Lifestyle Cape Town.

Now, it seems like the rapper might not have lost only his fiancée, there were reports that the 22-year-old was pregnant. If it happens that she was pregnant, then this means that AKA also lost his unborn baby, which is a double blow for the rapper, as one might put it.

Finally, families Of Tembe and Forbes have released a statement and they have now confirmed the death of Nelli Tembe. South Africans have been reacting to this story since the morning, it has now sinked in that Nelli is no longer.

This situation has made a lot of people realize that one has to appreciate the ones that are dear to them, we continue to get more reactions regarding this particular story.

If you did not realize, there is a statement and it basically confirms that the Nelli has, indeed passed on. In the statement, the Tembe and Forbes families mention how Nelli had so much life ahead of her and how gifted she was.

You might know that well-known rapper AKA did right by her, he proposed and Nelli was about to be his wife, one can only imagine what AKA is going through right now.

The families also mentioned when the incident happened and how the rapper is doing, they mentioned that there are people around AKA who are there to make sure that he receives the comfort and support that he needs.

He needs all the support he can get, even from South Africans, this is a very difficult time for the families. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts.