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Laughter moment as Mzansi celebrates finding the Nik Naks man in Zimbabwe

The country has been so tense the past days with everything that has been happening. a lot of people are suffering with nothing to eat and nowhere to get it from since most shops are closed at the meantime.

However despite all the happening there are people who will always create humour in the weirdest way possible and make people forget that they are actually going through a crisis. indeed a little joke can make people laugh for a while and stop people from overthinking things that are beyond their control.

A twitter user posted a picture of Nik Naks a well known south African snack claiming that he had found the owner of the face that you find on the Nik Naks packet. He juxtaposed the picture with an unidentified guy who seemed to look just like the man in the packet of chips. The guy however looks exactly like a Zimbabwean musician well known as Tocky Vibes who actually has a huge following on several social media platforms.

The hat and dreadlocks sure matches the looks of the person drawn. No one knows for certain if indeed it is the guy in the picture but after seeing this a lot of people were convinced that it sure its him. Others even suggested that the guy who posted this make effort and find the guy who is on the sta- soft packaging.

People deserve to laugh even during a crisis. What ever is happening is affecting all of us whether you took part in the violence or not. On top of it Covid cases are on the rise killing people more than ever. As a country people need to be united and find a way without using violence. Violence will only cause more despair and will bring a once beautiful country to ashes. the next generations are going to be left with nothing if people do not stand together and solve their issues in peace.