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Legend passed away. Rest In Peace Nish from Skwattacamp

Hip jump in South Africa hasn’t had a long life expectancy to have the originators being called granddads yet possibly OG’s which are in the forties in the event that we are fortunate.

The death of these OG’s is as though they were in the fight zone where they experienced results that makes it difficult for them to arrive at a specific age.

It is miserable to report that another authority individuals from Skwattakamp has kicked the pail. This is part of the gang who wasn’t in the lime light as different individuals yet the gathering wasn’t finished with his vernac significant refrain. Nish as he was known to the rap local area was reported that he has passed on today.

His original name was Musawenkosi Molefe, who has been remaining adjacent to the gathering as they were just five individuals left. The gathering endured the deficiency of Nkululeko ‘Flabba” Habedi in 2015 and Infa quit the gathering.

Nish died when the gathering was chipping away at a rebound collection, this comes after the gathering delivered a tune in 2018 as an accolade for Flabba.

The rap local area is disheartened by the death of one of the legends in the hip bounce sort, Rashid Kay who is a moderator on Metro FM demonstrated his profoundly felt sympathies on his Facebook page. I appeal to God for the leftover OG’s to be kept so one day will observer them sharing the narrative of how they spearheaded the SA hip jump classification.