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Let HHP’s ‘Thank You Note’ give you comfort

As the pain of hip-hop star HHP’s death slowly sinks in, most people have turned to his music for comfort and if there’s a song that may be able to offer that, it is HHP’s Thank You Note.

HHP’s family have confirmed his death but have asked for privacy as they deal with the loss.

In the song, which is from his Acceptance Speech album HHP thanked each and every person who has ever impacted his life.

On the track the hip-hop star apologised where he felt necessary, used his unmatched rhyming skills and his mother tongue. He left it all in the song.

Perhaps HHP had moments such as these in mind when he penned it all down.

***Read or Sing along with his lyrics that read like a letter below***

“First of all I’ll like to thank Jesu, to my gang le baf’wethu. The rest of my fam le bana botlhe bako heso. And to my gran though you passed I can’t forget you and wee to le-M and to le-timer ko Soweto. I just wanna say that I heard you, even though some of the things that I’m currently doing really hurt you. I’m sorry for that, but I’m happy that you gave birth to a man who’s in fact becoming a symbol of virtue. Mmamokgolo Minki straight to Fezile Dabi, I hope you don’t think I’m a star all of a sudden. I’m not, I’m still the same kid who came on the spot, still the same kid trying to make a mark on this plot. Aus’ Mokgadi Oarabile e se ele Mosadi, to my ex-school mates trying to be a somebody. Ka le wela, ho le chayela di-waar ka le shwela. Keya go le phuthela go fihlela mmu o nkwela.

“To my whole entire family hope y’all not mad at me. To my moratiwa hoping you cope when you marry me. Those that I’m distant hoping that you don’t abandon me. Makgeledisa I’m glad that you’ve become a friend to me, Bo Rantao, Manyedi, Mo Monare., Bo Mankau, Rakgokong bo rakgadi, before I miss this boat, I thought that I should come give a sample of my thank you note…

“Now to manyora ame a the industry. Including di-promoter le di-sponsor tsa subsy. Ke le betsa ka hey even though you don’t trust me. Qho ke le buwa ma-k when the journalist ask me. I’m sorry that I treat you like dustbin, I know now. Se mpone bosula don’t judge me, I’m grown now. Management for trying to adjust me it’s on now. Radios for starting to bump me I’m yours now. Mantja a Majista Easy Dawg le Max. Bo motswakolista Zeus, Prof le Blax, to Impact Sounds holding platinum plaques. Seabelo, Anil down for your spane le Trax. Love to Morafe y’all are living a dream.

“Nou dilase Snax ese ele part of the scheme, o Molemi, motlapele joe o kgaisa ba bantsi. Tshwarelela fela jwalo o phushe Amantsi. To my new record company Jenns for defending me. Jennine Camp the whole staff at the factory. Strictly come dance producers for coming back to me. Gave me one chance for fans to get the best of me. All the DJ’s who play me on the regular, all the VJ’s who rule the whole of Africa. Before I miss this boat, I thought I should give you a sample of my thank you note…

“Last but not least to the fans who get down to this here. Thanks in advance from this year to next year Rebafile, Neo, bo Teya, le bo Ofentse, Glen le Njabulo kaofela joe le nketse. To those that I meet daily on my space, Facebook, with haley or even at my place. Before I miss this boat, I thought I should give you a sample of my thank you note…”

“You were the light in my life. So I just wanna say thank you anyway”.