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Like father like son. It seems John Maputla has been keeping a big secret

As far as secrets go this is a big one. One that is sure to cause a whole mess. The mess that even the mighty John Maputla will not be able to fix. Lives are sure going to change and people will never be the same again.

John Maputla has not been a faithful man, and his wife continued to forgive him out of love. He once cheated with Meiki which tore his wife’s heart in two. She forgave him because she is a good woman.

But this time the secret is going to be too much for her to bear. And if it is revealed, she is sure going to have multiple heart attacks. They must just have an ambulance close just in case, and they must have a defibrillator nearby.

A big secret is looming in the Maputla household and it is itching to break out. Imagine the shock everyone is going to have. Tbose will probably never forgive his father.

What happens if he reveales it, and the family rejects him and the object of his secret, that will sure hurt the most. Or maybe their reaction may be sombre especially since they know him so well.

Big things are about to go down on Skeem Saam, and fans are in for a big twist. Catch it on SABC 1 to see the drama unfold.