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LImpopo Stars, Makhadzi And King Monada At War

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona commonly known for her famous name by Makhadzi went on Facebook to plead her concerns about how King Monada is unfairly treating her. According to a Facebook video, Makhadzi is seen on the video pleading Munada to stop giving himself full credit over a song he didn’t make alone based on the fact that it was released on his home base. She then revealed that the reason why King Monada’s music is not prospering anymore is that he is selfish and doesn’t want to give credit when it’s due.

Who decides the track to be released between Makhadzi and King Monada? And who is the owner of the? Both of them played a part in making a track a hit. Now is no longer a secret that every musician that features a song with Makhadzi will get a poor view of the fans, as Makhadzi is well known for her hard work and she doesn’t stop working.

Facebook was set alight last night when King Monada also posted a video on his Facebook account claiming that he has the right to release the song, as the song was produced in King Monada Studios. Does this mean that the song belongs to Monada because it was made in his house? And what about Makhadzi and Prince Benza as she claimed that he is the one that managed to make a song beat and she was only responsible for adding the modification and a verse of the song.

If King Monada were to win this battle, it will mean that it won’t for the first time Makhadzi be robbed of her hard work, as she was last robbed by her former Music Manager Rita Dee who is the owner of Rita Des Entertainment Music.

No one knows why Makhadzi is always on the bad side in the music industry, as every musician takes advantage of her kindness in making music on the fact that she has a good fan base.

– Elegance7