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List of Celebrities who got married three times or more

When Whoopi Goldberg known as Mary Masembuko on Sarafina film was tired of getting married again and again she said, “some people are not meant to be married and I’m not meant to be married “. Maybe marriage is not for everyone, who knows? Below are celebrities who have been married three times or more.

1. Seputla Sebogodi

Seputla Sebogodi is an actor and singer. His father was a pastor and member of the Zion Christian church. Seputla is a 58 year old father of four children from different marriages. He is best known for playing the role of businessman Kenneth Mashaba on Generations. Seputla has been married more than three times.

He was first married to Deborah Futhi. When his marriage with Deborah failed he then married Lynette Sebogodi. In 2009, his third wife Shereen Maubane attracted media attend when she packed her belongings and left their house in Pretoria.

Seputla does not give up, after three failed marriages Seputla went on to commit in relationships and got engaged to Makoena Francina Kganakga. However the engagement broke off and Makoena accused Seputla for cheating on her with his ex wife.

Earlier in 2021 Seputla was on it again, this time around he is in love with a young lady from Limpopo , young enough to be his daughter. The lady showcased their pictures in social networks.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

Her real names are Caryn Elaine Johnson and she is an American actress, author, comedian and television personality. She has starred in many movies including Sarafina and Sister Act. Goldberg has been married three times and then decided she would not be married again.

She was first married to Alvin Martin and she has a daughter with him, Alexandrea Martin (1973-1979)her only daughter. She was then married to David Claessen(1986-1988)and was later married to Lyle Trachtenberg(1994-1995).

3. Lebohang Morake

He is popularly known as Lebo M. He is a producer and composer who hails from Soweto. Lebo M had a long list of ex wives together with ex fiancée.

He was married to his first wife Viveca Gipson for five years. After parting ways with her he then married Nandi Ndlovu and they were together for 11 years. From there he married his wife number 3, Angela Ngani-Casara.Lebo M has also been in a romantic relationship with Generations’ actress Zoe Mthiyane who portrayed Zitha Radebe on the show.