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List Of Celebrity power couples in SA

Love is a beautiful thing in every form and there is nothing as refreshing as seeing two hearts joined together in love.

With so many people divorcing, it is always great to see celebrities whose love has stood the test of time.

Let’s look at South African celebrities who have shown that love exists even in Celebville.

Romeo and Basetsana Kumalo

If there’s one celebrity couple that has stood the test of time, it is definitely Romeo and Basetsana Kumalo.

The two lovebirds have been together for over two decades. They started dating in 1997, shortly after Basetsana won Miss South Africa.

After three years of dating, they got married in 2000.

They remain a couple that many look up to.

Basetsana calls Romeo her “soulmate, my lover, my friend, my confidant, my inspiration, my person, my best friend.”

Romeo also expressed her love for Basetsana with a lovely poem, and praised her for her beauty.

The Kumalo’s have three children. Their two sons – Nkosinathi Gabriel, born 2005, and Emmanuel Kumalo who was born in 2012. In 2014, they welcomed their third bundle of joy – a baby girl named Bontle ba Morena Jasmine Kumalo.

The couple runs several businesses together.

Connie and Shona Ferguson

Their life reads like a script from a movie. Connie and Shona are rich, powerful and in-love. The power couple has been married for two decades and they are still going strong. They are in the same industry and run businesses together.

The secret to their great marriage is respect for each other, and working toward the same goal.

“Shona and I have great chemistry and synergy, both personally and professionally. We understand only too well that we will not always agree on everything so we have learnt the art of compromise. What is important to us is respect and knowing that we’re working towards the same goal,” Connie told Move Magazine.

Another secret is setting aside time to bond as a couple. With all their busy schedule, Connie says they have reserved Sundays for family.

“It can be tricky sometimes when one is chasing deadlines, but our weekends, especially Sundays, are dedicated to family,” Connie added.
The couple is blessed with two daughters.

Mpoomy Ledwaba and Brandon

Mpoomy and Brendon are South Africa’s most-loved young couple.

They started dating in 2014 and got married in 2017.

The couple recently welcomed their baby girl. The baby was born in 2018.

Her name is Nuri Lethabo Ledwaba and they recently welcomed another family member.

Ntokozo Mbambo and Nqubeko Mbatha

Award-winning musicians Nqubeko and Ntokozo

Mbatha are love personified.

Their love for each other won them the “I do” silver Awards in 2015.

They got married in 2008. The two started dating while singing on the biggest Gospel choir in South Africa – Joyous Celebration. Years later when Ntokozo decided to go solo, she chose Nqubeko as her producer, though at the time they were not married.

Ntokozo has praised Nqubeko for never breaking her heart for all the years they have been together.

“Thank you for NEVER making me cry tears of sadness or heartbreak these past ten years, but instead you’ve made me shed tears of joy & laughter. I love you forever & always” Ntokozo wrote to Nqubeko in celebration of their 10 year wedding anniversary.

The secret to their marriage is friendship.

“I’d say what makes our love special is friendship. We are great friends and we love to be happy, we love love,” Nqubeko told Bona Magazine.

The lovely couple has got two daughters.

Gail and Kabelo Mabalane

Kabelo is married to the beautiful Gail Mabalane and their love for each other is so inspiring.

With both of them being actors, they have managed to make their own love life look like a romantic love story for all to watch.

They have two beautiful children, Khumo and Zoe.

Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly

Modiselle is married to rapper Priddy Ugly, whom she met in 2009.

On August 19, 2019, they made an announcement that they’re expecting their first child through social media posts showing Modiselle’s baby bump. The couple also had this announcement followed by a music video titled ‘Bonita’ which when translated in Portuguese is ‘beautiful’.

In September 2019, the couple said their vows to each other, in a traditional African wedding. The couple welcomed their baby girl in the same year and they named her Afrika Bonita Lerato Moloi.

Bontle usually makes videos with her man, Priddy Ugly, and the two surely look like they will be having a good time dancing together.

All these celebrities prove that true love is never to be taken for granted.