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List of Mzansi’s A-list celebs with scandals and leaked s_ex tapes that went viral

Mzansi’s A-list celebs with scandals and leaked s_ex tapes that went viral

We can all agree that celebs have private lives too. However, at some point in time, their phones get hacked or see their bedroom affairs getting viral or being leaked.

No doubt this often happens more to celebrities due to their public figure statuses. Well, Mzansi hasn’t been spared with celebrities drama from leaked s_ex tapes to daring scandals.

However, here is a list of A-list celebs who found themselves trending after their s_ex tapes and daring scandals went viral.

Ntando Duma

At some point in time, a former star actress from The Queen Ntando Duma had to convince Mzansi that she wasn’t part of the viral tape that flooded social media. Duma took it to Twitter to break her silence after being inundated with questions on whether she was the woman on a viral s_x tape, which set tongues wagging on social media.

The s_x tape which contained materials of a s_xual nature, went viral with many people convinced that it was Ntando Duma. Ntando vehemently refuted the claims that it was her and reckoned that the woman bears a striking resemblance to her.

Bishop Makamu

The Makamu scandal got Mzansi talking. Bishop Israel Makamu was accused of asking for s_xual favours from a young girl during a telephonic conversation. The long-running scandal saw many twists and turns. There was a time when the Bishop and his wife were said to have offered the 21-year-old (who was 17 at the time of the incident in 2017) hush money.

However, Makamu came out to rubbish the rumours and accusations, claiming that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and he just wanted church keys. The victim eventually opened a case against the bishop, which was later alleged to have been withdrawn and it was alleged that the parties involved resolved the issue amicably in the presence of mediators.

SK Khoza

He trended after a viral video of him partying wild with women flood social media. The s_ex party was allegedly hosted by Sandile Mtshali and in a twist of events, the women allege that they were drugged by the host of the party. Although SK came out to apologize for his actions, one wonders if this will not ruin his career. The actor apologized to his family, fans, and to his disgraced employers The Fergusons.

Malusi Gigaba

One thing that is hard to grapple with is when an official is caught with his pants down and it’s out there for everyone to see.

Malusi Gigaba had an exclusive sit down interview with Samkele Maseko. Gigaba spoke quite openly about various claims that were at the time plaguing him, including one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the former Minister of Home Affairs – the s.e.x tape.

Malusi Gigaba and his wife, Nomachule Gigaba were the faces of embarrassment when the minister’s cellphone was reportedly hacked, which resulted in the leaking of an s.e.x tape. Well to top things off, a DJ and producer by the name Kabelo Enosse Makinta decided to make a song out of the whole ordeal.

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